Refreshing Time with Friends


I always have good intentions to keep posting on here, but I tend to get overwhelmed by my overthinking.  I wonder if anybody even reads my mumbo jumbo anyway.  I was encouraged last week by a woman who had read one of my posts and just loved it!  I was so thankful she let me know, because it has motivated me to be more proactive on posting. It’s not like I live a boring life!

In light of all the tragedy happening around the world I have been trying really hard to focus on the positive things in life.  I cannot even look at facebook right now without feeling like someone is sitting on my chest suffocating me. Everyone seems to be bickering and so lost about what is really  important in life.  It makes me so very sad.

So I wanted to talk about something happy and joyful!  Chad and I had a wonderful time on Sunday afternoon/evening!  We invited several other couples over for a potluck Thanksgiving meal.  There is nothing better for the soul than being surrounded with great friends…and food!  Chad and I both needed that.

Chad works so hard at his full-time job and then he comes home and works on the farm.  He barely has time to breathe.  And I still do not really have any friends here.  It’s been almost 2 years since we moved out here to the farm, but it’s been difficult to make new friends, especially friends my age.  So there are times when it gets lonely, but it makes the times when we do meet up with old friends that much more special.  And Chad’s grandmother passed away the week before so we really needed some laughter and a good time.

And that’s what he got! We laughed, stuffed our faces, and mostly talked about agricultural related topics.  It’s almost like there is no such thing as another subject matter when the gang gets together!

As we were sitting around the table stuffing our faces my heart was smiling and so full of joy.  As my little girl was sitting there with us  I was so thankful for these people (and the friends that couldn’t make it).  I was so thankful she will grow up understanding how important friendships are and how important it is to share a meal together.  Even though most of us only get together a handful of times a year now that we live a couple of hours from each other, we know we love and care for one another.

Needless to say, it was a refreshing night for Chad and I.  We needed that.  And I’m pretty sure our friends needed that too.  I am so thankful for our friendships.

So in the wake of the sad things happening around the world, take time to be thankful for the little things in life.  For friends. For family.  For food.

And take time to do something to refresh your soul.  Take a moment to breathe and soak in quiet laughter with good people.

Thanksgiving is only a week away and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the business of life and in negativity.  Be intentional.  Be positive. Give thanks.



All the yummy food we shared!


About Oklahoma Farm Wife

I am first and foremost a wife and a mom. I met my husband, farmer Chad, at Oklahoma Baptist University in 2008 and we were married in 2010. We finally found our way to the family farm in December 2013. We had our first baby, Miss Eden Grace, in August 2015. She is our whole world. Along with learning how to farm vegetables and raise chickens, I am learning how to be the best mother and wife I can be. Thanks for joining me on my journey through motherhood, homemaking, and the simple, yet hardworking life on the farm!

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