Happenings on the Farm


Hello friends and family!  I didn’t post on here all winter and wanted to update you all on everything that was going on around the farm!  January and February were somewhat slow.  Eden and I did a lot of snuggling and watched a lot of movies in between doing her homeschool preschool lessons.  As I’ve mentioned before Chad works almost full-time from January through April doing taxes.  We’re so thankful for his job, but it does get a little stressful in March and April when we’re trying to get everything planted and get our broiler chickens back in full swing.  Thankfully, Eden is a little older and I’m able to do a lot more to help out.  It not only helps Chad out, but it gives me a sense of fulfillment.  I love being a mom, but I’ve began to realize that while I enjoy taking care of Eden I need more, and having more responsibilities on the farm has given me more of a sense of purpose.  Chad gave me full reign of the greenhouse this year.  Starting hundreds of seeds and keeping plants alive (and trying to figure out how fertilizer works) is something I feel like I’m pretty good at, minus the fertilizer part!  I also do a lot of the chores.  I do our afternoon chores everyday and on Saturdays while Chad’s at market I do them all.  Yesterday (in the freezing cold rain) I stood at the door after doing them and probably looked like a crazy person talking out loud, but I had to go down the list of animals to make sure I didn’t forget something: chicks in the brooder fed and watered (check), hens have food and water and eggs are gathered (check), sheep have food and water (check), steers have food and water (check), ducks have food and water (check), greenhouse is watered (check).  Did I miss anything?!  This is our 6th year of farming, and I think I’m slowly getting to the point where I can say I enjoy it and might even like it a little…




We put our hens in the high tunnel during the winter to keep them protected from the elements.  Eden loves to help gather eggs!  We’re getting 200 more hens next month! 


This is about all the snow we got!  Eden’s yet to build a snowman. This is our beloved dog, Big Foot. 


This was the most exciting part of our Winter! In February we got into the sheep business.  These are Dorper hair sheep.  We will be selling off their babies..not butchering them for meat.  We have started out with 9 and I will be looking for their mate this coming weekend! 


Miss Eden was a bit excited about them! 


Who says you can’t look cute while gathering the eggs?! (Most days I do not have makeup on and my hair is in a messy frizzy bun on top of my head so I had to take a selfie on this day.  


Lettuce, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and cabbage coming up in the greenhouse!


2019 Onions!  I have no idea how many are in each crate…several thousand…so thankful for our transplanter.  We planted these on our hands and knees our first year and I almost died! 


We planted our onions on biodegradable plastic this year to help with our weed problem.  There is also a drip line under the plastic to keep them nice and watered.  We have also transplanted all of our spring crops onto the plastic and plan to use it for all of our transplants this year. 


We planted 1,050 pounds of potato seed.  This was Eden’s first time on the transplanter and she did a great job! 


This is what 1,050 pounds of potato seed looks like!  My mom asked me if I have to cut them all up by hand.  We have a potato cutter that does make the job a little easier.  It has a handle and you put the potato in between the blades and it cuts it into 4-6 pieces.


It’s not always easy trying to farm with a little one. It definitely has it’s challenges.  Sometimes we have to do things that aren’t safe for her to be around and it can be hard to find someone to watch her.  But when we can’t she comes along with us and always finds a way to help. 


Our first batch of 700 chicks came in March.  We have scheduled to raise 4,900 broiler chickens in 2019…and Chad says we might fit some more in there if we continue to have the demand for them.  The chicks stay in the brooder for about 3 weeks and then go into their pasture houses where they are moved to fresh grass every day. 


We built this new greenhouse over the winter.  Our old one was even smaller than this but the wind had torn it to pieces.  We bought our old one off Craigs list when we lived in OKC and it got us through 5 growing seasons.  It was bitter sweet to tear it down.  As you can see we still need a way bigger one because trays still end up in the yard.  




I love this picture!  I’m so thankful to live out in the country where it’s quiet and beautiful. 


Finishing up planting potatoes.  Though my rows might be crooked, I’m the best tractor driver available! 


Hopefully we have a good potato crop this year! They’ve already started to pop up.  


Beautiful Spring sunset! 


Eden is trying to put our escaped sheep back in the pin they belong in!  She did a good job! 


This is one of out wheat fields.  This year Chad and I will be raising more wheat and soybeans so we will be extra busy come harvest time.  Maybe my father-in-law will teach me how to drive the combine! Just kidding…I’d rather not run into a telephone pole!  I’ll stick with just helping the boys move equipments from field to field.  

Well there you have it!  That was a very fast recap of the last four months or so.  Our broiler chicks will go out to the pasture this week, and we’ll hopefully get some more transplants in the field.  Hopefully in the next week or two we can begin to harvest some of that spring goodness!  Let farm season begin!

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