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I Don’t Take It For Granted


Okay y’all…I know I am spoiled rotten!  I am truly blessed to have my in-laws around to help take care of Eden…well and basically everything.  Sometimes I’m even embarrassed at how much they do for us, especially in our culture of independence.  I honestly don’t think God intended for families to go their own separate ways as they do in American culture.  I am very thankful I have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws, because I know that’s not always the case.  But more than anything, I am so thankful Eden has them to love on her, teach her values, and to make unforgettable memories together.

So Miss Eden Grace did not stay they night with them or anyone else until she was 26 months old.  I had horrible postpartum anxiety (though I didn’t realize it for many months after she was born) and I nursed her until she was almost two.  I didn’t want to leave her with anyone…ever.  But Chad and I were planning to attend a farm conference out of state and Eden couldn’t come so on Thanksgiving 2017 I let Eden stay the night with my in-laws for the first time…and the rest is history!  No but really…she has stayed almost every weekend with them sine then!  I have a mix of mom guilt, gratitude, and liberation.  During the week I pretty much take care of Eden all by myself, so it’s such a blessing to have the weekend to be alone and get refreshed…and actually get things done.

I don’t know if any other moms are like this, but when Eden isn’t home I get some kind of extraterrestrial burst of energy.  I am like the energizer bunny on steroids!  (She rode in the tractor for two hours yesterday and I went crazy working in the yard!) On Friday evenings Chad and I normally get things ready for farmer’s market, eat dinner, and sometimes watch a show, and then go to bed early.  (We have a secret: Eden still sleep in our bed…shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone…but it’s nice to have the bed to ourselves on the weekends…our backs definitely hurt less when we wake up).  On Saturday Chad leaves the farm at 6:15am to get to farmer’s market and my father-in-law helps me do all the morning chores.  It takes two people to do our chores since we move the chicken houses every morning.  After chores, I normally clean house, pay bills, and fold and put away all the laundry that piled up on my kitchen table during the week (that’s when I turn into the energizer bunny!).  This morning my father-in-law and I mowed the yard too.  It also takes two people to mow our yard.  One person mows and the other moves vehicles, tractors, and Chad’s large collection of pallets laying around the yard (insert eye-roll here).


Selfie with the hens! Farm hair…don’t care!


Our pastured chickens!  One person pulls the house to fresh grass with the tractor and the other gets inside the house and shoos the chickens forward so they don’t get ran over.  This is one of our two houses.

When Chad gets home from farmers market he’s normally pretty exhausted so we do evening chores and then we try to make Saturday evenings our time of rest.  We got obsessed with reading and watching Outlander so we got the shows on DVDs and watched three seasons over the summer!

Eden always has a great time with her Nana and Aunt B over the weekend.  They go visit her great grandparents in the next town, go to the park, and on Sunday she goes to church with Nana (on the Sundays I go to church I pick her up and bring her to church with me).

I know my in-laws don’t mind keeping her most weekends, and I know Eden LOVES every moment of it.  However, I feel guilty.  I know there are so many moms out there who don’t get a break.  I know my mother-in-law is tired from working all week (though I’ve asked her to make sure to let me know if she wants me to keep her).  I don’t take it for granted that I get the weekend to myself, and that Chad and I can get some alone time together.

When I loaded her up in my father-in-law’s Tahoe yesterday evening I was trying hard to fight back the tears.  I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go.  It’s not always easy to send her away for the weekend.  I miss her snuggles and wildness, but I know the break makes me a better mom…and at least my house is clean for a few hours!  I know I need to relinquish the mom guilt and simply have a grateful heart for her Nana and Papa and my time of rest…or productivity! 😉


The Boys in Her Life


Almost every morning Eden’s Papa Dan and Uncle Jake come in and get her to feed the cows.  As soon as they walk in the door she goes running to them.  (And I definitely appreciate the hour I get to myself to do housework or simply read a book!)  We knew before she was even born she would be the light of her Papa’s life and that he would take her on many adventures and spoil her rotten with fun things to do around the farm.  It melts my heart too see her with the boys, whether it’s just her Papa or all three of them.  She will grow up not realizing her childhood is rare and special.  She will grow up with lots of adventures and “field trips” as I like to call them.  Whether she is riding in the combine or tractor, playing in the shop, or simply riding along in the truck feeding cows she is having the time of her life and making so many happy memories.

Yesterday I needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air so I went feeding with them and I got to sit in the back seat and watch Eden as they fed.  It reminded me of when I was a little girl and fed cows with my grandpa in the winter time.  I will forever cherish those memories, as I’m sure Eden will.  Papa Dan lets her push the on and off button on the controller for the hay bed each time they use it and when Uncle Jake goes to open the gate she gets in his seat and knows to scoot back over when he comes back.  She moos and points to the cows when they come running and puts her hand on the window when the horses are near in hopes to pet one.  It melted my heart to see her yesterday, just like it does anytime she is spending time with one or all of the boys.


Eden feeding cows with Papa Dan & Uncle Jake!

I know I say this ALL THE TIME, but I am truly beyond thankful she will grow up out here on this farm.  But I am even more thankful that she has three men that love on her and teach her new things each and every day.  They show her what hard work and discipline are, and teach her important values, plus she gets to have lots of fun too.

As I’m writing this all three boys are in here by the fire warming up for a bit playing with her and laughing.  She’s one lucky girl to have them.  And I’m one lucky mama that she has them too.



This moment super melted my heart!  I took this picture from our living room window without any of them even knowing it.  I remember watching them for several minutes and soaking in all the love and attention she was getting.  All three of them (though Chad is hiding in this picture) were playing with Eden on the back of the drill. She was running back and forth and having the time of her life!



Eden in the combine with Uncle Jake!



I remember this day because it was the first time Eden rode on Chad’s shoulders while we moved the chicken house! Always new and fun things going on!


Leap of Faith


Well it’s officially been four weeks since Chad quit his job with Adult Protective Services with DHS.  As some of you know, it was extremely difficult for all three of us to have Chad working full-time and then coming home to farm just about full-time.  Plus, it was a very difficult and emotionally draining job.  No one should have to deal with the things he dealt with on a daily basis.  It was wearing emotionally and physically on Chad, which was wearing on us.  He hardly got to spend time with Eden during her first year of life.  Chad and I cherished our hour drive to and from market each Saturday.  We called them our “business meetings” because it was really the only time we actually had to sit and talk and plan.


I am a stay-at-home mom and I do not currently bring in any extra income.  Yes, I do save us a lot of money by cloth diapering, nursing Eden, meal planning, and budgeting, etc.  However, we still have to have money, especially for my huge college debt!  And not to mention health insurance.  We just aren’t brave enough to go completely without.

We’ve been talking about him quitting for months, but we just didn’t know where the money would come from.  We make good money farming, but since this is only our third year of poultry and vegetable farming (we do have cattle too), we have a lot of expenses.  New equipment and hand-built chicken houses are not cheap!

We knew it was going to be a HUGE leap of faith.  Our spiritual life is a bit lacking I would say, but we needed to trust God more than ever if Chad was really going to quit.  We had to rely on Him to provide “our daily bread.”  And we knew it would be a day to day faith we would have to have.

We have both read books and listened to podcasts about life and being happy.  Chad listens and reads a ton of stuff about finances.  Life is so short.  Why work every single day and be miserable just to pay your bills and have health insurance when you can most likely figure out how to live frugally enough and create enough income to work from home and be happy and have a happy family.  Stuff and money are not the things of happiness.  (Read the Radical Homemaker by Shannon Hayes if you want to learn more on the subject.)

The last four weeks have been a whirlwind.  It’s been incredible having Chad home more.  Before, I had to figure out how to do everything by myself with Eden.  Washing eggs, cooking dinner, bathing me and her, cleaning the house, etc.  If Chad has the time or just wants to spend some time with her he does because he can now.  It’s glorious!  But things haven’t really been normal since he quit.  We’ve been playing catch up like crazy around the farm, and Eden had a huge birthday party we had to get ready for, and then on Friday I sprained my ankle so I’m needing a little extra help from him right now.

I am so thankful God provided us his job.  Though we’ve always had to live frugally, we knew we would have money each month to pay our bills and buy gas and groceries, and we had good health insurance.  Now we have to write ourselves a check each month out of the money we pray the farm makes for us.  We have insurance through with an insanely high deductible.  Chad will be doing farm taxes with H&R Block during tax season and it looks like he will start doing some bookkeeping soon to bring in some extra cash.  We will be researching some Christian Health Shares too to see if they are a better option than what we have now.  Yes, it is stressful.  No, we don’t know if we will make it.  But we do know that we made the right decision for our family right now.  We will live one day at a time and pray for our daily bread.  Hopefully I can get some of our lovely produce preserved for this winter (once my ankle is better, of course!).  Now that Chad is here I might actually get to preserve some things without Miss Eden getting into trouble!

Eden’s Bible Story the other morning was about the Tower of Babel and it greatly spoke to our current circumstances. Here’s what it said, “It was a grand tower, but something was wrong.  The people were working only for themselves.  God had to show them they would always need His help to succeed.”  We can’t farm for ourselves.  Our business must glorify God.  Even the mundane tasks of cooking dinner and washing diapers are for God.  That is the attitude we must have.  I don’t consider myself to be a super churchy person, but her Bible Story greatly spoke to me that morning.  We can’t keep growing our business with us only in mind.  We must rely on God and not our own strength.

With all that said, I am excited about our family being home together a little more.  Chad is happier, baby is happier, and most importantly momma is happier (ha ha!).  I am so incredible proud of Chad.  He is one of the most passionate and hard-working men I know.  I know our little farming business will now be able to grow even more with him having more time, and our little family will have time to grow closer too!






Refreshing Time with Friends


I always have good intentions to keep posting on here, but I tend to get overwhelmed by my overthinking.  I wonder if anybody even reads my mumbo jumbo anyway.  I was encouraged last week by a woman who had read one of my posts and just loved it!  I was so thankful she let me know, because it has motivated me to be more proactive on posting. It’s not like I live a boring life!

In light of all the tragedy happening around the world I have been trying really hard to focus on the positive things in life.  I cannot even look at facebook right now without feeling like someone is sitting on my chest suffocating me. Everyone seems to be bickering and so lost about what is really  important in life.  It makes me so very sad.

So I wanted to talk about something happy and joyful!  Chad and I had a wonderful time on Sunday afternoon/evening!  We invited several other couples over for a potluck Thanksgiving meal.  There is nothing better for the soul than being surrounded with great friends…and food!  Chad and I both needed that.

Chad works so hard at his full-time job and then he comes home and works on the farm.  He barely has time to breathe.  And I still do not really have any friends here.  It’s been almost 2 years since we moved out here to the farm, but it’s been difficult to make new friends, especially friends my age.  So there are times when it gets lonely, but it makes the times when we do meet up with old friends that much more special.  And Chad’s grandmother passed away the week before so we really needed some laughter and a good time.

And that’s what he got! We laughed, stuffed our faces, and mostly talked about agricultural related topics.  It’s almost like there is no such thing as another subject matter when the gang gets together!

As we were sitting around the table stuffing our faces my heart was smiling and so full of joy.  As my little girl was sitting there with us  I was so thankful for these people (and the friends that couldn’t make it).  I was so thankful she will grow up understanding how important friendships are and how important it is to share a meal together.  Even though most of us only get together a handful of times a year now that we live a couple of hours from each other, we know we love and care for one another.

Needless to say, it was a refreshing night for Chad and I.  We needed that.  And I’m pretty sure our friends needed that too.  I am so thankful for our friendships.

So in the wake of the sad things happening around the world, take time to be thankful for the little things in life.  For friends. For family.  For food.

And take time to do something to refresh your soul.  Take a moment to breathe and soak in quiet laughter with good people.

Thanksgiving is only a week away and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the business of life and in negativity.  Be intentional.  Be positive. Give thanks.



All the yummy food we shared!


Just Our Daily Bread

I am so incredibly proud of this sexy beast!  And so blessed to be married to a man that provides for his family!

I am so incredibly proud of this sexy beast! And so blessed to be married to a man that provides for his family!

As many of you know, Chad and I have been looking for jobs over the past several months. I applied for several right after we moved to the farm in December, but they either didn’t pay enough or didn’t like my degree (which Anthropology is perfect for one of the positions I applied for, plus it’s a social science degree just like they wanted…idiots.) Anyways, so after nothing worked out, I decided to stop looking so hard for one and focus on working at the farm…it’s not like there wasn’t plenty to keep me busy. Plus, Chad was working full-time from home so we were fine. But when the company Chad was working for told him in June they could no longer afford to pay him we knew we both had to find a job fast. Luckily, we saved every penny of our tax return and knew if we couldn’t find a job immediately we had a couple months of survival money (I am so glad we didn’t put that money towards my student loans like we planned! Whew!). We never thought in a million years it would be so hard to find a job, much less an interview. We both applied for several positions and never even got an interview. What was wrong with us? We had college degrees, were intelligent, trustworthy, etc. So it was getting rather stressful around here.

For several years, I have had the desire to be a stay-at-home mom.  And I thought maybe our move to the farm would set us up perfect for that.  We could finally settle down and have children.  I could stay at home and take care of the children, plus farm and homestead.  And since I wasn’t having any luck finding a job out here in the boonies I felt like there was a reason for that.  But I knew we couldn’t both stay at home at this point so when he got notice he would lose his job I applied for just as many full-time jobs as Chad.  We knew it was a possibility we would both have to work full-time if the pay wasn’t right, and then farm at night. So over the past three months, as our savings has been dwindling and our move to the homeless shelter was on the horizon ha ha, we continued to pray. We knew God would provide. He always has and he always does. I know that sounds cliché’, but I have seen it over and over again in my life. That doesn’t mean things weren’t stressful and tense. I’ve never been one to be okay with the unknown, and we were definitely living in the unknown. It was so nerve racking. I began thinking it would be way better for me to work and Chad to stay at home and farm since I can’t do everything he can.  I just wanted to know if I was going to have to drive 30 minutes to an hour to work everyday 5 days a week or if I was going to have to learn to use a rotor tiller ha ha!

One day after searching the Internet for jobs, I found one I thought Chad should apply for. It was do be an Adult Protective Service Specialist with DHS in Pawnee (which is the town closest to the farm, abut 25 minutes away). He is so good with people! He applied for it and got called in for an interview! We were so excited to have an interview! Then he got called back for a second! Then…wait for it…he went to his third interview yesterday and they gave him the job!!!!!! I am so insanely proud of my husband right now! It was about a month long process or so after he applied for the job, and I never thought when he went in yesterday they would go ahead and offer it to him! When he texted me that he got it, I broke down and cried in the middle of the coffee shop because I was so incredibly relieved!

But wait…there’s more! I lose my health insurance this year because I turn 26 and am still on my dad’s insurance. According to my research I thought I had until the end of the year. Well, my dad got a letter this week that I have until the end of October. Like we needed another stressor! So on Tuesday I began applying for Obamacare because it was really our only option. Looks like I don’t have to finish that application because I should have insurance by the end of October through his job!

And this week I started training to work one or two days a week in the coffee shop in Pawnee, which is exactly what I wanted: a part-time job that I enjoy…and there are females there!!!

I am so overwhelmed with God’s presence that I cannot even begin to describe it! Everything is falling into place. We should have just enough money left in savings to make it to Chad’s first paycheck, we will have health insurance, and we will both we working jobs that we enjoy. Chad always emphasizes in the Lord’s Prayer that it says “daily bread.” God always provides us with just enough. When the Israelite’s were in the desert he provided for them just enough food for each day. He would not let them keep any back, and if they did it would go bad. He wanted them to let go of control and trust that he would provide their needs for them: not too much, but not too little…just enough for that very day. God has been teaching Chad and I that over our marriage, but especially over the past three months. I cannot even begin to praise God enough right now, because I know we are literally in his hands. So if you’re reading this remember that God is there and will take care of you. He isn’t giving us our daily bread because of anything special we did. He loves us and wants the best for us. And he wants the same for you too!

So those of you around the Cleveland area, don’t worry! We are still going to be growing and selling vegetables and raising and selling chickens and eggs(if they ever lay them!). Things just might have more of a feminine touch since I’ll be doing a lot more of the farming while Chad’s at work. Prayers about that would be much appreciated! And thank you to all who have been praying for us during this journey since we moved in December. We know we have a lot of wonderful friends and family who have been supporting us along the way. GOD IS SO GOOD. HE’S SO GOOD TO US.



Some Thoughts


Written last Thursday, May 8

I started this blog a couple months ago thinking I could write about all the cool things Chad and I are doing here at the farm since our move in December. But as you’ve seen I have hardly posted. There are often things I want to post like crafts I’ve made, furniture I’ve painted, food I’ve cooked up, etc. etc. But for some reason I hesitate to write about it. I tend to over think things. What if no one reads it? What if people think this or that about me? Is that too personal to write? So today as I’ve sat around the house waiting for things to dry out after the rain (even though it wasn’t much I am so grateful for the rain we did get) I thought I would be honest about the funk I’ve been in since the move and the reason I haven’t posted much. Now don’t get me wrong, there are so many moments I absolutely love living here at the farm. For one, it’s insanely beautiful out here. God romances me several times a day, even when I’m doing mundane chores. For example, when I was watering the flowerbed earlier this week I watched a beautiful little hummingbird fly from flowerpot to flowerpot. It’s the little things like that hummingbird that bring joy to my heart.

But I am not going to lie. It hasn’t been the easiest thing adjusting to life on the farm. And just because I’m adjusting doesn’t mean the things I’m adjusting to are bad…just different from what I’m used to. I think the hardest part was leaving my friends behind in OKC. Most of my closest friends were at the church where I worked. Everyday I had other females around me to laugh with, share struggles with, go out to lunch with, etc. That is definitely what I miss the most. There are times, even though Chad, and his brother, and his dad are here everyday, that I feel very alone.

Another thing I’ve had to adjust to is being my own boss. This is very difficult, because since my job is here at the farm I have to be my own motivation. No one is telling me what hours I have to work, what I have to do, what deadlines I have to meet. I have to wake up everyday and make myself do the things I know need done. And there are days when there is a lot to do and there are days that are slow where I could be doing things that need to be done but aren’t pressing so it’s easy to put them off another day and then another day (hence the weeds and grass growing in the garden).

Another difficult aspect of the move is the lack of privacy I feel that I have. We live in Chad’s parents’ farmhouse where they lived when Chad was little, but Chad’s dad still comes to the farm everyday because this is where he works. We also live with Chad’s brother. This has been a rather hard adjustment for me. Chad and I grew up completely different. My family very rarely did things together. We only ate together as a family occasionally. Most of my childhood until I was out of the house was spent in my room with the door locked. We all kind of stayed to ourselves and did our own thing. Chad’s family very rarely did anything without the entire crew together. They ate dinner together every night and didn’t go to their own rooms until it was time for bed. This is what I loved about his family so much when we were dating. It was so foreign to me to be so close, but I loved it so much. Chad and I often talk about how we want our family to be that way when we have children. Even so, I still like a little privacy or alone time. Chad does not understand this concept and thinks I’m crazy. For example, when we lived in the city I could walk around the house half dressed, sleep for 5 hours on Sundays, and if Chad and I got into an argument no one could hear us yelling…ha ha. Now I have to be fully clothed at all times (which is difficult to do when we don’t have a working air conditioner) and Chad and I have quieted our arguments quite a bit (which is a good thing for sure). It’s just one of the small things I’ve had to adjust too. Living with another male species and being so close to Chad’s family has been an adjustment. But it’s definitely more of a blessing than a curse. I could not ask for better in-laws and I am so very thankful they are here.

I am writing this more for myself. I am one of those people, unfortunately that tend to focus on the negative more than the positive, and I need to remind myself of how blessed I am. I live on this absolutely beautiful piece of land, make my own schedule, am able to cook a nice home cooked dinner for the hubs and Jake every night, and I have people around me who love me and would do anything for me.

I’ve just been in a kind of funk since we moved out here. I am trying to find my place as a farmer/homemaker, and with that you need a lot of motivation, dedication, and patience, which are not easy to come by most days. I guess to sum it up, I struggle. My life is not perfect. I have good and bad days. People ask me all the time if I like it at the farm and I always say, “I love it!” And I do love it. But it isn’t always easy. I have this blog “Oklahoma Farm Wife” not only to share with you what Chad and I are doing on the farm, but to share what is in my heart: what my joys, struggles, and passions are. So please look forward to more posts simply about what we are doing, but probably more often about my thoughts.




Prayers for My Grandpa


I’ve never handled death very well.  Those of you that know me are probably wondering what I mean since no one super close to me has ever passed away.  My husband, Chad, has thought I’ve needed to see a therapist for a while now to deal with my fear/paranoia of death.   Chad can’t go out of town without me calling every few minutes to make sure he hasn’t died in a car accident.  I often think about those I love dying, attending their funerals, imagining how I would deal with it.  It’s really strange though because I’ve never really done that with my grandpa.  He is going to live forever so why bother wasting tears and time preparing myself for something that will never happen.  Well, over the past couple of months I’ve had to prepare myself.  Even if he doesn’t pass away during his operation on Monday, he will pass away during my lifetime.  And it sucks.  It really sucks.  He has been that one person in my life who has been my constant.  My entire life he has been the same amazing Godly man who would do anything for anyone.  He’s always been the same man who walked with me through the pasture as a child, who sat on the back porch swing with me and talked about everything under the sun, who let me sit in his lap while he drove the tractor, who taught me how to do math problems (and his way was way better than my teachers…and he didn’t even finish high school!), who let me untie the laces on his boots and take them off every single day after he got home from work, who let me go ride in the truck with him when he fed the cows, who loves my grandma more than I’ve ever seen a man love a woman, and who loves God with his whole heart.  Even though we don’t walk through the pasture much anymore or sit on that porch swing as much, I still do it in my heart everyday.  It was so nice to sit on that back porch swing with him yesterday and talk about “the good ‘ol days,” as he calls them.

And even though I want to hold onto him forever, I know that everyone has to die.  It’s just like the Jon Foreman song, “Learning How to Die.”  We are all on this earth learning how to die.  Some do it well and some don’t.  I can tell you that my Grandpa has spent his entire life learning how to die well.  He has lived his life with grace, dignity, and love, and my hope is that he can continue learning how to die after Monday’s operation.

So if you are reading this please pray for my grandpa.  Since we found out a couple months ago he has cancer, and in an almost inoperable location, I have learned to pray not only for what I want, but for what is best, even if I don’t like it.  Sometimes I am selfish and beg God to keep him on this earth forever.  But when I’m not, my prayer is that he will be in peace and not be in any pain, even if that means he won’t be here anymore.  I have also prayed a lot for my grandma.  They have been married for an eternity and I can’t imagine what it would feel like to know the person you love most in this world is sick in the worst way.  So please pray for the doctors as they operate on Monday, pray that my grandpa feels no pain, and pray for my family.  I know that when my grandpa goes into this next life he will be with Jesus.  And like my grandma taught me about heaven when I was little, my grandpa will have the most jewels in his crown, have the biggest mansion, and his street will be paved with lots of gold.

I just thank God for him so much: for the memories, the life lessons, the example.  I will have them in my heart forever.  I love calling my grandparents just so I can hear him say “Bethany oh my Bethany” when my grandma hands him the phone.  And even as I write this tears are streaming down my face at the thought of not hearing that again.  But I know that God is good all the time and that I am going to have to give him up one day.  And let me tell ya, if my future children do not get to meet him I will take them through that same pasture and we will sit on that porch swing and talk about my grandpa and the “good ol’ days.”


Calm Before the Storm


It’s been somewhat slow around the farm the past couple weeks.  Other than transplanting flowers and vegetables and starting more varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in the green house not too much is going on. (Though I guess you can say that is quite a bit! …at least for me.)  But it’s pretty much the calm before the storm…so I’m told.  Chad has been gone quite a bit with his job.  He began working for a start-up company in January as an agri-business consultant, so he is out a town a bit more than I’m used to for different conferences and shows.  Therefore, I’m left with a list of chores and things to plant or transplant during those days. 

Having him home today was nice because we were able to plant potatoes together.  And my 15-year-old sister is staying with us this week during her spring break so she helped us plant. (And she was a big help too!)  We planted fifty pounds of potatoes today, and we will plant the other fifty pounds early this next week.  We are doing a test run on potatoes this year to see how many we need to last us the whole year.  Then maybe next year, we can plant extra to sell at farmer’s markets.  We have a really nice root cellar to keep them in (though I will not go down there!).  So it will be very nice to have our own potatoes all year and not have to buy them at the supermarket during the winter months. 

As far as all the vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the green house go, everything is looking great!  I am so anxious to get everything planted in the ground!  Only a few more weeks until it will be frost free and then the real work begins.  We did have to add some shelves, a heat mat, and a grow light to our mudroom for some things we started because we have officially filled our small little green house to capacity.  You do what you have to do, right?! 

Planting Potatoes

Planting Potatoes Before the Rain Moves In!

7500 Too Many


I can’t believe it’s been two whole months since we moved out to the farm.  I feel like I’ve always lived here.  Before we moved here we did all our vegetable growing in the backyard of our rent house in the middle of the city.  And to be honest I helped very little, went to very little farmer’s markets, and complained a lot.  I just didn’t understand why all of sudden Chad wanted to be a vegetable farmer.  I knew he grew up on a pretty large farm and his dad and his grandpa and probably his great-great-great grandpa were farmers, but Chad was going to be a rock star in a band when we got married in 2010.  And I was raised with two parents who got two paychecks each a month to pay their bills.  Getting lump sums of money a few times a year was not ideal for me at all!  And when you are just starting out farming that lump sum is close to nothing.  So I just didn’t understand why Chad couldn’t get a “real” job and make “real” money.  (And yes I said these things…all the time.)  I wanted to be supportive, but I had no desire to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and pick veggies and weeds in the hot summer heat with bees flying around my head.  Needless to say, I was not supportive at all and made both of our lives miserable.

So when we decided to move out to the farm I was very nervous.  I knew Chad would be farming a lot more than he ever had and what was I supposed to do?  Well let me tell you that over the course of the past year something happened inside of me.  I have no idea what changed my heart or my attitude but I slowly began to appreciate what Chad wanted to do and even more I wanted to help him!  Though I was still a little nervous about moving out here, I was so excited about where we were going as a couple and as farmers.  I even wanted to help him a little!

It’s actually turned into me helping him a lot!  And I’ve become passionate about it.  I’ve even decided to start growing cut flowers to sell at farmers markets.  And I have a vision and I have dreams about my cut flower business.  Who have I turned into?!

You’re probably wondering what “7500 Too Many” is all about.  Last week Chad and I planted 7500 onions by hand.  If I ever hear anyone say farmers don’t work hard I will literally punch them!  I don’t think I have ever been so tired and sore in my life after last weeks planting, but the crazy thing is that I enjoyed it.  I felt like I had done something important.  Not to get all hippie on you, but I felt one with the earth.  I was barefoot on my hands and knees planting real food for real people.

I think I’m doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  But come back to me in the middle of the hot summer heat with bugs flying around my head.

Update: Since I wrote this post an hour ago Chad sent me this text while at an agricultural conference in OKC:

Chad: “I’ve picked up some stuff for you today.”

Me: What?!

Chad: “Some farming opportunities that are especially for you.”

Me: “Sweet action Jackson!”

Chad: “Who woulda thunk that I married a farmer haha.”