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It’s Hard Not to Stress!


Written Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I try not to stress about the farming side of things. Chad has told me over and over that he has everything taken care of. “My responsibility is Eden,” he says. When he needs my help around the farm I help him and if I absolutely need his with Eden then he helps me. His favorite line is “We’ll figure it out.” I hate it when he says that ha ha! When I’m in freak-out mode “We’ll figure it out” is not the answer I want to hear! I am thankful Chad’s parents can occasionally watch Eden if we need them to. This weekend was extremely busy and I’m so thankful they watched Eden for us.

On Friday we picked for market and on Saturday we went to market. That in itself is exhausting! The last couple weeks Chad’s dad has watched Eden while we picked, but since he couldn’t this week she sat in her stroller in the field. She fussed a little, but she was a pretty good sport! On Saturday after market we actually rested for a couple hours when we got home and that never happens. It was much needed to simply relax together just the three of us for once. On Saturday evening we transplanted a few random things, and then Chad got everything ready for our plantathon!

On Sunday and Monday (since Chad was off for the holiday) we planted, and we planted, and we planted. We transplanted 1,000 sweet potato starts, 300 lavender plants, and a few hundred watermelons. We transplanted a few other random things like peppers, tomatoes, and basil. Eden rode in the big tractor with Papa Dan while he planted soybeans and we planted sweet potatoes. She was in the air-conditioned tractor while we were outside in the open. And I thought it would be a brilliant idea to wear a tank top and no sunscreen, so needless to say I’m hurting pretty bad right now!


300 Lavender Plants!  This is our first season to use the plastic mulch, and as you can it’s a learning process!  And so are making straight rows! ha ha 🙂


1,000 Sweet Potato Slips!  Another issue we’re having is weeds!  But believe it or not, we are managing them better this year than we have in the past!

Like I said at the beginning, I try not to stress about the farm side of things. I try my best to focus on taking care of Eden, keeping the house clean, staying on top of laundry and diapers, and feeding the 3 of us nourishing meals. But. It. Is. So. Hard. Yesterday I was so stressed out about all the things we aren’t getting done and about how mentally and physically exhausted Chad is that I literally could not breathe. Yes, so many things are getting done, but so many things aren’t getting done too. And in those moments of stress I have to take a step back and look at how far we have come since we started farming 3 years ago. The things that have to be done get done and we are making it just fine.

As I mentioned in my last post, this is just a season in our life. Some day when Chad doesn’t have to work full-time more and more things will get done. The biggest thing I need to work on right now is to quite saying, “When Chad doesn’t have to work outside the farm…” this will happen, and things will be like this, etc. Because right now he does have to and this is the season God has given us. Chad and I both have to learn to make the most of this time, no matter how hard, busy, and stressful it may seem. Yesterday I reminded him that we are a team, and we have to handle this time with strength and love and set an example for Eden and give her a good and positive environment even now in the crazy. We have to show her that no matter how hard things may seem we can get through it like champs. We have to embody the now and the present and make the best of it. Yes, maybe the future will be better, and I hope it is, but we have to make the most of right now. I truly believe that no matter what our circumstances are we make the choice to be joyful and stress-free. It’s a very hard choice, but the choice is ours. I know we will look back on this season some day and laugh and be thankful because we came out of it stronger than ever. Hard work does pay off. And I know it will!


Eden lounging in her stroller in the garden! She melts my heart!