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7500 Too Many


I can’t believe it’s been two whole months since we moved out to the farm.  I feel like I’ve always lived here.  Before we moved here we did all our vegetable growing in the backyard of our rent house in the middle of the city.  And to be honest I helped very little, went to very little farmer’s markets, and complained a lot.  I just didn’t understand why all of sudden Chad wanted to be a vegetable farmer.  I knew he grew up on a pretty large farm and his dad and his grandpa and probably his great-great-great grandpa were farmers, but Chad was going to be a rock star in a band when we got married in 2010.  And I was raised with two parents who got two paychecks each a month to pay their bills.  Getting lump sums of money a few times a year was not ideal for me at all!  And when you are just starting out farming that lump sum is close to nothing.  So I just didn’t understand why Chad couldn’t get a “real” job and make “real” money.  (And yes I said these things…all the time.)  I wanted to be supportive, but I had no desire to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and pick veggies and weeds in the hot summer heat with bees flying around my head.  Needless to say, I was not supportive at all and made both of our lives miserable.

So when we decided to move out to the farm I was very nervous.  I knew Chad would be farming a lot more than he ever had and what was I supposed to do?  Well let me tell you that over the course of the past year something happened inside of me.  I have no idea what changed my heart or my attitude but I slowly began to appreciate what Chad wanted to do and even more I wanted to help him!  Though I was still a little nervous about moving out here, I was so excited about where we were going as a couple and as farmers.  I even wanted to help him a little!

It’s actually turned into me helping him a lot!  And I’ve become passionate about it.  I’ve even decided to start growing cut flowers to sell at farmers markets.  And I have a vision and I have dreams about my cut flower business.  Who have I turned into?!

You’re probably wondering what “7500 Too Many” is all about.  Last week Chad and I planted 7500 onions by hand.  If I ever hear anyone say farmers don’t work hard I will literally punch them!  I don’t think I have ever been so tired and sore in my life after last weeks planting, but the crazy thing is that I enjoyed it.  I felt like I had done something important.  Not to get all hippie on you, but I felt one with the earth.  I was barefoot on my hands and knees planting real food for real people.

I think I’m doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  But come back to me in the middle of the hot summer heat with bugs flying around my head.

Update: Since I wrote this post an hour ago Chad sent me this text while at an agricultural conference in OKC:

Chad: “I’ve picked up some stuff for you today.”

Me: What?!

Chad: “Some farming opportunities that are especially for you.”

Me: “Sweet action Jackson!”

Chad: “Who woulda thunk that I married a farmer haha.”