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Calm Before the Storm


It’s been somewhat slow around the farm the past couple weeks.  Other than transplanting flowers and vegetables and starting more varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in the green house not too much is going on. (Though I guess you can say that is quite a bit! …at least for me.)  But it’s pretty much the calm before the storm…so I’m told.  Chad has been gone quite a bit with his job.  He began working for a start-up company in January as an agri-business consultant, so he is out a town a bit more than I’m used to for different conferences and shows.  Therefore, I’m left with a list of chores and things to plant or transplant during those days. 

Having him home today was nice because we were able to plant potatoes together.  And my 15-year-old sister is staying with us this week during her spring break so she helped us plant. (And she was a big help too!)  We planted fifty pounds of potatoes today, and we will plant the other fifty pounds early this next week.  We are doing a test run on potatoes this year to see how many we need to last us the whole year.  Then maybe next year, we can plant extra to sell at farmer’s markets.  We have a really nice root cellar to keep them in (though I will not go down there!).  So it will be very nice to have our own potatoes all year and not have to buy them at the supermarket during the winter months. 

As far as all the vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the green house go, everything is looking great!  I am so anxious to get everything planted in the ground!  Only a few more weeks until it will be frost free and then the real work begins.  We did have to add some shelves, a heat mat, and a grow light to our mudroom for some things we started because we have officially filled our small little green house to capacity.  You do what you have to do, right?! 

Planting Potatoes

Planting Potatoes Before the Rain Moves In!