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Turkey Day


Sunday was turkey day here at the farm. Not the fun Turkey day where you get to stuff your face with food. No, this is the turkey day where you kill all the turkeys your crazy husband decided to get a few weeks ago…as well as make you help him move their pins at 6:30am every morning of their lives. Luckily Eden loves me to wear her in our carrier so she gets to come too!

Though I hate the day we butcher chickens (and now turkeys) and getting up early to help take care of them, a huge part of me loves what we do (or loves what my husband has decided that we do). I love that we work hard to raise our own food. We are able to provide our family and our community with good chicken and turkey that was fed good non-medicated feed, moved to fresh bug-filled grass everyday, and treated with respect. As much as I hate killing animals (and all I think about when we feed them each day is that they are going to die soon) I know they are given a wonderful life and killed so much more humanely than the grocery store poultry that was pumped full of chemicals and forced to stand in their own poop everyday.

As most of you know, farming does not come naturally to me. I hate bugs, heat, and getting dirty, but I always do what I have to do. Until I was in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy I did everything Chad did here on the farm. I helped in the field, in the green house, and even helped butcher chickens. But to be honest, I am so very thankful my role has slightly changed. My priority is to be a mother to Eden and unfortunately for Chad I am not able to help him as much. Sometimes I feel very helpless and would love to help, but on Sunday I was so thankful I could do my inside chores and take care of Eden and not be forced to pull out the turkey feathers the plucker missed. I’m not “that girl” who can handle butchering and plucking poultry like several of the others who have helped us, and I’ve learned to accept that. I often try to be someone I am not out here on the farm and it’s been a process to find my place. And though it’s still a process, over the past 9 weeks as a mother I have felt more at home with myself than I have in years. And I am so thankful Chad respects and understand my role. I will gladly do all I can to help him on the farm and he knows that, but he understands that my job is Eden. On butcher days if all I do is provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, etc. for them while they butcher whatever animal we have at the time then that is perfectly fine with Chad. (I really do have the best, most supportive husband in the world!)

Turkey Day was a success, though it was long and challenging. Chad’s best friend from high school, Justin, helped him out and since it was their first time with turkeys it was a learning process. But in the end we had over 40 turkeys to sell to our community and a couple for us to eat at our own holiday festivities! Now I can’t wait until the real Turkey Day! Until then!


Our turkeys in their pens that are moved every morning to provide fresh grass for them



Chad getting turkey out of transport crate